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Incline Village ~ Nevada
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Here's how we do it....
Step 1: You gather your T-shirts and begin to organize your thoughts.

Be thinking about:
  • How many shirts/garments you have
  • How large can squares be, given the size of the print (approx)
  • How large do you want the finished piece to be

Step 2: We talk and I help you organize your thoughts. Maybe you send me a picture of what you have via text: 

(775) 772-9452 or email:

Step 3: Together we determine an approximate size and I can give you a good idea of the final cost.

Step 4: You ship to me your garments:

    Toree Warfield
    1052 War Bonnet Way
    Incline Village NV 89451

Step 5: Once I have your garments, I will start to think about how to construct your piece. 

Step 6: Before cutting anything, I'll determine the size of squares that can be cut, the number of squares that can be cut, and will present to you a rough idea of the layout and size.

Step 7: If you like my ideas, I'll be able to give you a final cost.

Step 8: Once you approve the cost, I'll begin cutting. When the pieces are cut, I'll arrange them in a suggested layout and send you a picture. At this point, we can rearrange the pieces any way you'd like.

Step 9: Once we decide on a final layout, I'll sew the pieces together.

Step 10: I'll choose a backing fabric and send you a picture. Once you approve the backing fabric choice, I will sew it all together and voila! Your quilt is ready.

Initial sample layout.
I don't expect payment until you have received your quilt and are absolutely delighted! Please promptly remit your payment!
Revised layout, based on client input.
​Approved layout sewn together.
Sample backing fabrics.