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Notes from satisfied customers:
"Toree creates heirloom pieces. She is a master seamstress who pays close attention to details and honors the sentiment of the piece she is working on."  

Susie K Orlady
Incline Village, Nevada
"This quilt is so beautifully made and it reminds me of my sister 
when I look at it. I didn't know it was being made for me, I cried 
when I saw it and I'm so grateful to have this tribute to my sister. 
I miss her so much!

It was made from a pair of Jennifer's colorful capri pants, which couldn't make up the entire quilt, so Toree found complementary fabrics and included them in the design. It's bright and colorful, like my sister, who loved pink.

Toree did an excellent job on this quilt, even including a hidden pocket, taken from the pants--the button and flap and all.

Toree is passionate about her work. I highly recommend her as the creator of your family keepsake."

Karin E Stewart
Lehi, Utah

I'm waiting for some pertinent
prose from the person who
envisioned this quilt and 
when I get it, will update this

This was a tremendously fun
project! Made with shirts and
dresses from her child's 
tie-dye phase. Vibrant!

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by Toree Warfield on 05/26/14

Thank you for visiting my website. I encourage those of you who have used my services to please write a review.

Thank you!

Toree at

Happy with the finished project....sometimes a picture says it all: