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Price List
There are several factors that go into determining a final price: 

  • Size of individual squares
  • Number of squares in final piece
  • Irregularly sized squares
  • Backing material
  • If the backing is pieced
  • Lining material
  • Ultimate size

That are some general pricing examples to give you an idea of the cost that is involved.
  • Impeccable  workmanship
  • Durable 
  • Washable
  • Family heirloom

I promise you will  be pleased!
This is an example of a simple square pattern, 5x4 squares. The size of the squares (for example 10x10 or 12x12) determines the finished size of the quilt.
This is an example of a composite square pattern, and can be as simple or as complex as necessary. The more complex the pattern, or the greater number of squares, increases the price.
                           Sample Price List

                                Finished Size (based on a 12x12 square size)

               Throw 60x48    Twin 60x84     Full 72x84   Queen 84x84    King 96x84
               $300                 $400               $440            $520                  $600

                Backing (not pieced), liner (Warm & Natural), simple square pattern.

  • All prices include the cost of materials: backing fabric, liner, and return shipping.
  • Please understand that these are sample prices to give you an idea of the costs involved.
  • Each project is complete individualized and will be priced accordingly.

I'm very fair in my pricing and usually end up spending more hours than I planned on and I don't charge any more for that.....simply because each piece is a work of art and I will take the extra time to make sure your piece is as perfect as possible.