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About Toree
I've been sewing for 40+ years. I was in the second grade when my girlfriend taught me how to make Barbie clothes. We sewed everything by hand and I was hooked. My grandparents bought me my first sewing machine and I couldn't be stopped.

As an adult with children, I started an alterations business. I also offered custom window treatments, pillows and cushions. 

A customer asked me to make her a quilt out of sports jerseys for her parents and I had a blast with it. A new business was born! I still do alterations, but love more than anything making these precious quilts.

My sister died recently and I knew I wanted to memorialize her through her clothing. She was very much into clothes, so it was an easy task. My sisters and I went through her vast wardrobe. I secretly grabbed some pieces that I knew would make beautiful quilts and later surprised my other two sisters with their first memory quilt.

I do all the work myself and guarantee your satisfaction. My workmanship is impeccable and I am a perfectionist. I like to let the pieces do the design work--I "feel" it, like any artist, but I will work with all your suggestions!

Pricing depends on design, size and materials used. 

Let's get started! You will treasure your quilt for years to come.

I like to work in squares which can be anywhere from 3" up to 20". The larger the square, the less time it takes to sew them all together and the less "busy" your design. If there isn't enough material to make a large enough quilt, we can choose contrasting or complimentary fabrics to complete the front of the quilt, perhaps using the contrasting fabric for the sides, for strips in between the squares or the backing.

We can do a piece-meal quilt, but that is more time-consuming than squares, translating into higher cost.

I once made a quilt for a Valentine's Day gift and quilted it using heart shapes. When using squares, I usually quilt between each square, making for a really durable quilt, but I'll sometimes do random quilting lines, depending on the design. I let the final design "speak to me" when deciding how to quilt it. 

The cute thing about baby clothes is their shape, so a baby-clothes quilt is made by cutting off the fronts of the garments and sewing the pieces down to a backing material in a pleasing array. Booties, hats, bibs, pieces of receiving blankets, socks and mittens can all be added to the display. I try to utilize pockets, zippers, snaps and buttons to add interest.

A quilt made out of ties could be really fun. They could be taken apart and sewn together or loosely woven together and sewn down to a backing. First the ties would be hand washed and pressed flat, ensuring that the final product would be fully washable and durable. Yes, you can wash silk! (However, I wouldn't wash a tie that you plan to continue using as a tie--take it to the dry cleaner.)

The possibilities are endless. Let's get together so we can being designing your fabulous quilt today!

Preserve your memories with a custom-made quilt. We can make a quilt out of just about anything: 
  •  Event T-shirts
  •  T-shirts from your travels
  •  Ties
  •  Baby clothes 
  •  Pants (including pockets and zippers!) 
  •  Blouses or shirts
  •  Scarves
  •  Jeans

You can choose your own backing and/or contrast fabrics yourself or allow me to coordinate them for you. I like to use cotton, flannel or fleece, but it can be satin or denim or silk or anything else.

We can do a self-welt, purchased cording or flange.

Your quilt can have thick, fluffy batting or a thinner material similar to felt, specially formulated for its light weight and warmth.

It can be any size or even shape.

We can incorporate full-color picture panels.

These quilts are made to be used. They are washable and durable. You can wrap up in it on the couch, throw it on the bed or hang it on the wall.

However it is to be used, it is guaranteed to be a work of art, suitable for passing down through the generations.